Products And Services

Products And Services


  • Low pressure gas: Low pressure gas is natural gas to be delivered to the customers under low-pressure conditions (<49 barg), which is composed mainly of hydrocarbons in which methane gas may account for the largest possible rate to 85%, 10% Ethane and smaller amounts of propane, butane and other gases.
  • Re-gasified gas: Re-gasified gas is natural gas that is re-gasified from LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) sources to be transported through pipelines from LNG storage to the consumers.

Some advantages of low pressure gas/re-gasified gas

Technology: It has a high heating value, high combustion efficiency, easy adjustment of the combustion chamber temperature, easy operation and maintenance of the system. The calorific value of low pressure gas provided by PV GAS D in the range of 37-42 MJ/Sm3.

Environment: It helps reduce the impact of environmental pollution, the concentrations of COx, SOx and low Nox emissions lower than the same amount of fuel burned another. Among fossil fuels, natural gas is the most friendly to the environment.

Economy: It helps save costs of investment in warehouses and storage yards, tanks, and costs of maintenance and operation, as well as increases the life of machines and equipment.


In addition to gas products, PV GAS D also provides technical services related to gas industrial systems and projects, specifically: Consulting, design, installation, inspection, supervision, maintenance and repair. With a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians and specialized equipment in the oil and gas industry, PV GAS D’s technical services fully meet the requirements of demanding jobs in terms of high safety, maintenance of safe, continuous, and stable operation of the gas system, prevention of major accidents or incidents, and mitigation of disruptions of gas supply to the customers.

Business model


PetroVietnam Low Pressure Gas Distribution Joint Stock Company (PV GAS D), formerly known as Low pressure gas business Enterprise which was established in 2002, under PV GAS.


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